Lake Barrington, IL

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Warm Harmony (90 degrees)

This class is a blended experience of balance, strength and flexibility. Using postures from Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga, this class will give you a true harmony yoga experience. As you focus on postures that will open your hips, shoulders, spine and heart, while stretching your core and upper body. Set in a heated room, you will turn your stress in to sweat.


Harmony Foundation​

​This class is appropriate for intermediate students as well as beginners. This class explores various asana sequences, working toward developing and maintaining balance, strength and flexibility. You will focus on learning proper alignment in poses, while improving your connection to breath and mind/body awareness.

Teen Yoga

 The journey of youth is full of challenges and opportunities that create stress and question our children's self confidence and overall balance. Teen Yoga at harmony embraces the opportunity to provide an outlet to deal with life's pressures and anxieties that teen's face today.

Yoga Workshop (starting Oct 6)

Come join us at Harmony Studio and gain a deeper understanding of yoga traditions, yoga philosophy’s, wisdom, and spirituality. Calm your restless mind, and direct your energy into constructive channels.

Harmony Family

Create time for family bonding. Try our yoga class that engages children and challenges adults. Yoga is physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial for all ages. The aspects cultivated through yoga practice carry off the mat and into your home. Peace, compassion, energy, love, and patience. Any family use more of these qualities.